We are Joe and Kristin. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We are honored that you are considering us to raise and love your baby unconditionally. We have had several tear-filled conversations about what a blessing a baby would be for us, but we’ve also thought deeply about the conflicted, complicated, and emotional journey that we imagine you are currently enduring. We admire your courage and the dedication that you’re already showing to your child as you explore all of the ways in which to support him/her best.

We are beyond hopeful to become first-time parents. As a couple, we have always desired to adopt and grow our family. If you decide that we are the right match, we promise that your child will be raised with unconditional love, support, and faith. We promise to support his or her hopes and dreams and instill honesty, trust, generosity, and dependability. Most importantly, we will raise your child to have an understanding and appreciation of the tremendous sacrifice that you made from pure love. Your child will always know where he or she came from and how much love you have for him or her.


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Financial Support

Expectant mothers who choose to make an adoption plan may qualify for some level of financial assistance during their pregnancy. However, each person's situation and specific needs are different. Your adoption social worker can help you determine what level of assistance you qualify for and deserve. Many expectant mothers qualify for financial assistance to cover basic pregnancy and living expenses, including but not limited to - transportation reimbursement, utility assistance for phone, water, and electricity/gas, maternity clothing and supplements, etc.


Food & Groceries


Medical Expenses


Rent & Utilities


Household Items





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FAQ’s about placing a baby for Adoption

I'm considering giving my baby up for adoption. How much does that cost?

It won't cost you anything. If you choose to place your baby for adoption, all of your medical and legal fees will be covered and you may be eligible for financial assistance with other pregnancy-related expenses.

I'm experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and don't know who the birth father is. Can I still place my baby for adoption?

Yes. Even if you don’t know the identity of the birth father, you can still choose to make an adoption plan. However, every adoption situation is different. The adoption social worker you’re assigned to will get to know you and your story first, and then guide you through the process accordingly.

When is the right time to talk with an adoption professional?

You can make an adoption plan at any point in your pregnancy, even after the baby has been born. But, it's important to start the process as early in your pregnancy as possible. Connecting with those resources will allow you to gain access to important medical services, including prenatal care, to help ensure a healthy pregnancy.

When I create an adoption plan, will I get to choose who is in the room with me during delivery?

One aspect of your adoption plan is the "Hospital Plan" an outline of how you'd like your hospital stay and delivery to go. You can craft this on your own or with the help of your adoption social worker. But everything is up to you. You’ll be able to choose who comes to the hospital with you, who is in the room with you during delivery, and how much time you’d like to spend with the baby before signing the final papers.

How much contact will I have with the adoptive family after I place my baby with them?

As part of your adoption plan, you'll determine whether or not you’d like to have an open or closed adoption or something in between. Open adoptions may include phone calls, messaging (via social media, email, or text), and/or periodic visits each year. Closed adoptions may include no contact at all or annual updates provided to the birth parent(s) by the adoptive family. Each post-adoption relationship is different and can vary based on what an expectant mother chooses in her adoption plan.

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Our Blogs

Lenny's Birthday


Happy Birthday, Lenny!! Seven years ago today we brought this guy home with us. We went to Petco to buy dog food and this big, nearly hairless rescue dog walked right up to Joe and laid at his feet. We fell in love with "Lenny Lovebuckets" that day. Lenny loves to be loved! Even his grandparents brought him presents today. He loves ear scratches, sunbathing, being brushed, and sleeping in every morning!  #dogbirthday  #loved

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Winter Wonderland


Let it snow!! In four short hours, we had a winter wonderland of 4 inches of snow. In West Tennessee, that's a lot of snow! As soon as Buster saw his blue, winter boots, he literally jumped for joy. Buster LOVES the snow! When we told him it was time to go home from our walk, Buster threw himself into the snow like he was making dog angels. Such a happy, funny sight to see.  Lenny certainly does not share Buster's joy for the cold, as he was wrapped in a blanket at home enjoying the heat.  #winter #snowday

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Christmas Season


We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season filled with old traditions and new additions. On Christmas Eve, Kristin and her mom made the traditional Christmas Tree Cake before we all attended church. Christmas Day was spent with lots of family. Kristin played Barbies with her niece while Joe played cards with the boys. This week, we celebrated Christmas with Joe's family in Indiana, enjoying mini-golf and the Cake Bake Shop with three of Joe's oldest neices followed by bowling and a picnic at the lake with one of Joe's nephews. What a wonderful time of year! #Christmas #FamilyTime #Toomuchcake

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A Florida Christmas


What a wonderful time of year! Christmas always makes us both so happy.  This week, Kristin and her mom flew to Florida to spend a few days with Kristin's grandmother for Christmas. They enjoyed shopping, eating (way too much), and spending good quality time with each other. We went to a Christmas Party last night at a family friend's, an annual tradition going on 30 years. We will be busy with work today followed by baking cookies for the neighbors' goodie bags.  #Christmas2021 #Florida #Bringonthecookies

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Helping Hands


One of the things I love most about my wife, Kristin, is her giving and caring nature. When her hometown was destroyed by a tornado last Friday night, we got in the car first thing Saturday morning and drove to her hometown to help clear roads, clean debris, gather supplies, and look for homeowners’ personal belongings. She has brought supplies and Christmas presents to those who lost everything. Kristin is always the person that puts others’ needs first and often works behind the scenes, anonymously working to help others. Her hometown newspaper featured old letters to Santa on their webpage last week (pictured). I found Kristin’s so fitting of her personality. Even at the young age of 6 in the first grade, Kristin selflessly asks for presents for the less fortunate and doesn’t mention herself.    #Christmas  #supportthecommunity  #givingback

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Christmas Movie Season


Every year we watch Christmas Vacation featuring Clark Griswold at least twice. Tonight, we enjoyed pizza and a movie. We may even indulge in some hot chocolate.  Pictured: Lenny looking all handsome in front of our Christmas tree while we watch Christmas Vacation. #movienight #ChristmasVacation #ClarkGriswold

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Weekend Activities


On Saturday, we enjoyed our town's Christmas Festival including the Christmas Tree Lighting. One of our first dates was to a Christmas Tree Lighting. Two years later, Joe proposed to Kristin at a Christmas Tree Lighting. We love keeping this tradition each year.  #christmastreelighting #tradition

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It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!


The tree is up! The stockings are hung! We carefully placed our favorite ornaments, including the annual Biedermann ornament that Joe's mother gives us. We have 41 years worth of shiny, carefully crafted Biedermann ornaments hanging from our tree. The tree is also adorned with ornaments custom made by Kristin's great-grandmother using silk, beads, and sequins.  Pictured: This year's Biedermann ornament and Kristin's favorite ornament created by her great-grandmother. #christmas #ornaments #Hallmarkmovieseason

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Thanksgiving Week


What a whirlwind of fun, family, friends, and food... lots and lots of food! We spent Thanksgiving day with Kristin's family catching up with those we love. Chicago, South Carolina, California- the family flew in for the yearly Thanksgiving shenanigans. FaceTime allowed us time with Joe's family, as they were in different states this year. Ever have those friends that our family? Well ours are the Strouds! We made the trek to the hilly countryside of Southern Indiana on Friday for the annual Stroud Family Thanksgiving. Laughing until we cried, we played games long into the night with our extended family. They have already invited us to the matriarch's 70th birthday bash weekend in Gatlinburg, TN in June and a cousin's wedding in July. The Strouds are such a fun, happy, loving family, who have taken us both in as one of their own and kept hugging us saying they can't wait until we have a little one of our own to join their family.  On our drive back, we made a quick stop in French Lick, Indiana to enjoy some historic sightseeing.  #thanksgiving #family #indiana #frenchlick  #toomuchfood

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Favorite Thanksgiving Foods


Gobble! Gobble! It's almost time for Thanksgiving. Joe loves turkey with creamy, buttery mashed potatoes with a hint of salt, and the warm, soft yeast rolls that melt in your mouth. Kristin loves all foods Thanksgiving. The more casseroles, the better! Everything from the traditional green bean casserole to taco salad casserole and everything in between! Don't forget the dessert! Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Topping! Apple Pie and Ice Cream! We can't wait to enjoy delicious food surrounded by our loved ones! 

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Weekend Fun


Who doesn't love Chuck E. Cheese?! We celebrated one of Kristin's nephews turning 6 this weekend with games, cake, dancing, and pizza. Skee Ball is Kristin's favorite! We can't wait to take our future child to Chuck E. Cheese to enjoy time with his/her cousins!

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Joe's work trip to Washington, D.C.


Joe flew to Washington, D.C. for 3 days this week for a business trip. He captured this amazing picture of the Washington Monument on the night of Veteran's Day. 

Veterans Day


Today, we observe a very special holiday to both of our families, Veterans Day, a day set aside to honor those men and women who have served in the military. We acknowledge with immense gratitude the courage and patriotism of each veteran. Joe's grandfathers, brother, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law all served in our militiary. Kristin's grandfathers, uncle, and cousins are also veterans. Both of us have several friends that are veterans or currently serving, including three of Kristin's nephews.  To all the veterans, we say Thank You!   (Pictured: Joe's brother and best friend, Jon, who served in the Navy.)

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Wedding Weekend at Westfalia Farms


Friends of ours were married on Saturday at the most perfect wedding location. Gorgeous barn wedding with an outdoor patio overlooking scenic rolling hills. We had a blast catching up with friends and dancing the night away!

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Buster's Birthday


We celebrated Buster's 13th birthday with dog-approved cake and party! This year's flavor- carob. Buster and Lenny were HUGE fans! 



Busy and fun weekend! Since Kristin was raised on a farm in the country, her family never had trick-or-treaters. They would drive to town and trick-or-treat in town with friends. As an adult, Kristin loves to see all the great costumes as she hands out candy. 

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Annual Trip to a Pumpkin Patch


To fully experience the fall season, we explore a different pumpkin patch each year. This year's winner was Parham Pumpkins with a large selection of colorful and unique pumpkins, activities for all ages, flowers, and a gigantic pumpkin to sit on. We love this yearly tradition!  #pumpkinpatch #falltradition

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